Are you stressed out looking at an ugly old website that you need redesigned, but don’t know where to start planning? Here is an easy 3 step website planning guide for corporations, small businesses and marketing professionals who are about to hire a digital marketing agency to design their website. A little planning up front will optimize time, help define your website strategy, and get your awesome new website launched by digital pros you love before you know it.


Define Goals

To help define big website goals, take a peek into your website’s soul and ask yourself who, what, when, where, and why. Sure, the in-depth creative brief from a digital agency will help define the best solutions for your unique needs, but start here:

  • WHO: Who is your target market (top customer you want to reach)?
  • WHAT: What is your budget, top 5 goals, and technology requirements for your new website design?
  • WHEN: When does the website need to launch?
  • WHERE: Where does your website domain and hosting live?
  • WHY: Why do you want a new website?


BlogIcons1_2contentCollect Content

Let’s “clean out the garage.” And by that, I mean the current website content. Review the text, images and video you currently have to see if any of it can transition into the new website.

  • If “Yes, the current website content is awesome.” – sweet, you’re one step closer.
  • If “NO, I want all new content and imagery.” – then it is time to do some organization of your old stuff and have new content created.  This may require a new visual branding strategy which an experienced branding and digital marketing company, such as, will be able to help you with.


BlogIcons1_3peopleShow me the People

Make sure to meet the talented digital pros that you’d want to grab a beer with. Connect with the people you are working with and the project will run much smoother.

  • You’ll be working with the digital marketing team closely over the next weeks, so ensure they are not only talented and award winning professionals that make stellar websites, but are also people you can joke with at a happy hour. Cheers!
  • Ask About their specialties to ensure they can accomplish all your goals for responsive web designs, development, CRO, branding, SEO, and other marketing services.