There are plenty of great agencies out there that can perform tactics well, so what’s going to set one apart from another? Sure, we are great at what we do, but that’s not necessarily the main reason why companies choose us. Here are the top things we hear as to the reason why our clients decided to move forward with Elevated:

We didn't sell, but we informed them

Even our business development guys could run strategy on campaigns, so when you meet with us, we provide you with information to decide - not a fluffy sales pitch.

They met the actual team working on their account before signing a contract

Make sure you aren’t being pitched by the “A” team only to get the “B” Team. I don’t care how great an agency is by the exterior, the only thing that matters is who is working on your account.

They liked that we had one of the highest employee retention rates in our industry

We take care of our people with a myriad of benefits. Why does this matter to you? Nothing hurts campaigns more than having new people constantly being rotated in to re-learn your business.

They wanted the bad news too

We always tell it how it is - good or bad. We feel like this is the only way to work.  It allows us to learn and get to success more quickly..

A truly senior team

75% of our team has been in the industry for a decade or more, and we pass on this experience and knowledge to the rest of us.

Long-term contract free

What’s the point of a long-term contract if our clients aren’t happy? We believe retention reflects success. If we aren’t successful for you (which can happen), we wouldn’t want to keep taking your money.

True Transparency - and that’s not just a sales pitch

You will see this within 30 minutes of chatting with us.

We were willing to walk away from their deal

Of course we want to win as much business as we can, but we won't take on clients if we don't think our solution will meet their expectations.

Because we are business people at our core

What good is a marketing team if they don’t understand the intricacies of business? Our team has been involved in building dozens of businesses, and this experience makes us better marketing partners.

We would love to spend a half hour with you to see how we may be able to help, and so you can experience these 9 points for yourself. If we are not the right fit, we would be happy to assist you in finding a company that is.

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