I recently joined the search engine optimization (SEO) team here at Elevated as a Junior SEO Specialist. I initially came into the position with some agency internship experience and a passion for digital marketing, but I was new to the world of SEO and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Here are the three main takeaways from my first few months as an Elevated SEO team member:

1. SEO is More Than Keywords

I came into SEO with a preconceived notion that it would consist mainly of keyword research. I quickly learned that was not the case. While keyword research is a very valuable tool in search marketing and a great starting point, it only scratches the surface of everything the SEO process entails. Search engines are smart and getting smarter, but they still need a lot of help deciphering websites. I was shocked to find out that Elevated’s technical audit examines over 60 factors that can influence a website’s search engine “friendliness.” You have to consider title tags, meta descriptions, sitemaps, mobile usability, duplicate content, and crawl errors – just to name a few. I also learned that SEO success is not only dependent on a website’s technical structure, but the website has to have an impeccable user experience and engaging content as well!

2.  SEO is Always Changing

Like the marketing industry as a whole, SEO is constantly changing. In fact, things have already changed in the few months that I’ve been around! Google has a history of making major search engine changes with penguins, pandas, hummingbirds, and other seemly adorable animal algorithms. Each new algorithm has transformed the way specialists approach SEO. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest industry news and tools by reading every single day. Check out some of our favorite go-to sites here.

3. SEO is an Ongoing Process

After I helped with my first website optimization, I was ready to see the site get an immediate rankings boost to the first search results page. Well, that’s not exactly how SEO works. Now I understand that SEO gains momentum overtime. Doing SEO right takes a lot of time and patience, but the results are well worth the wait! Having ongoing SEO supports a company’s long-term strategy to dominate search traffic versus only obtaining short term gains.

Getting started in the industry and hearing words such as canonical, noindex, and robots.txt was intimidating at first, but once I started to implement these things myself I realized they are not as scary as they sound. SEO takes practice, practice & more practice, but Elevated has me well on my way to becoming an SEO guru!

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