You may have heard the term out there UX (User Experience). UX is an area that has been growing rapidly over the passed years and is becoming something that almost all successful businesses today are taking part in.

So what is UX?

User Experience is the personal experience that a consumer has with a product.

Whether it’s a physical or digital product, such as a website, they both spark intellectual and emotional responses from consumers. This experience includes the way that the product functions, feels, tells the story, and takes the user through the desired path in a way that is easily understood.

Good user experiences lead to more sales, increases in conversion rates and better brand loyalty. Bad user experiences can hurt a business or product, lead to less sales and give you a bad reputation. To summarize, UX is an essential part of the design process from the first sketch to the finished product.

Some folks think that having a cool looking website or product is enough, but it’s not. Think about it, if people don’t know how to interact with a product, it is useless. Customers want to easily understand products and LOVE using them! A great user experience is crucial for websites, online retailers, apps or any digital product that is looking to make it long term. A bad UX may instantly lead users to abandon the site/product and never come back.

Here’s another way to look at it. People want to easily get from point A to B in a few simple steps. For example, going to a site, looking at an item and purchasing it. In order for that to be achieved the user experience and user flow needs to be strategically planned out based on the target market and their needs. Additionally, other target markets need to be considered such as customers who have no idea what they want, but may want to buy a cool item. When designing a good UX, you must keep in mind all the different types of users and consumers that will be interacting with the product, then come up with solid user flows and experiences that will work best for them.

So where do you start?

First gather as much data as possible. This may be as simple as using google analytics as a starting point, or hiring a team of digital marketing experts, like the ones at Elevated to lead you in the right direction. Data driven design is key for a great user experience. A few starting points include: evaluating how people are going through the product/website, where you are loosing them, and what pages and CTA’s are successful.

You’ll also want to fully define who you want to reach and why. Sounds simple, but sometimes it is not. There is a whole slew of data that can be gathered with conversion rate optimization techniques, SEO strategies and UX specific research, but that’s another chat all together.

If you’d like to learn more, Elevated is here to help. We can provide insight on what the current experience is lacking, or what your new user experience can be. We can help create a UX that your customers will fall in love with. Check out or write for more info.


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