Incubate is now Elevated! (Well, sort of)
We wanted to let you in on some breaking news happening at Incubate. All of Incubate’s Agency services will now be branded under the name “Elevated”. Our new website will be located at:
Services won’t change, people won’t change, just our name. We are still the same hyper-specialized group of scrappy internet marketers servicing your accounts without all of the fluff and politics that big agencies love so much.
So, why the name change?
Well, its not entirely a name change. Incubate Holdings ( will still be the name of the parent company. We felt like there was brand confusion and people not adopting that name for agency services. Incubate Holdings will continue to invest in newly funded internet companies.
So, what does Elevated do?
Elevated is going to offer the same agency services, with the same group of amazing people that it always has. We are a hyper-specialized group of individuals perfecting Search, CRO, Online Media, and Healthcare marketing online.
If you have any questions about this name change, please reach out to our CEO anytime. Here is his contact information:
Danny DeMichele


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