Businesses today use a variety of digital marketing strategies for lead generation. But one strategy that’s underutilized is sweepstakes marketing.

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At Elevated, we understand what it takes to make sweepstakes and contest marketing campaigns work. A large part of what makes these campaigns is the actual design. Everything from the sweepstakes or contest landing page, how the offer is structured, imagery, user experience, and the site layout can influence whether your audience enters your sweepstakes.

The design also impacts the how your audience views your brand. You have to start by getting the attention of the audience with the site design, but your brand also has to be integrated into the campaign so that you build brand visibility and get the exposure you’re looking for. From new product launches to website redesigns, our team of experienced designers can create sweepstakes and contests to get the visibility, awareness and buzz to help your product or brand gain momentum in the market.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important and effective ways to get the visibility and traffic for your sweepstakes or contest is to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO). A large number of prospects in your target audience are using the search engines to look for information related to your business, products, and services. By applying the right SEO strategies on your website, you can drive targeted traffic to your website.

Elevated isn’t just a sweepstakes and contest marketing agency. We understand all the major digital marketing strategies that produce results, especially SEO. We know that driving traffic to your sweepstakes and contests is vital to the success of your campaign. We can help you do this by targeting the right search queries, building great backlinks, and optimizing pages to rank in the top search results.

Paid Media & Social

Another reliable way to help your sweepstakes and contests succeed is to use paid media. Advertising platforms like Adwords, Facebook and other similar networks can help you generate traffic to your giveaway event. These platforms offer many advanced targeting options which make them a cost-effective and powerful tool to reach your audience. You can control your costs in various ways, making it viable for businesses with limited budgets.

While paid media will require that you spend additional money on advertising, you want to invest in these channels because you can’t assume that your giveaway campaign will take off on its own. In fact, most giveaway campaigns fail because businesses can’t reach their target audience or get enough traffic to their giveaway event. You have to invest in contest and sweepstakes advertising to get in front of your audience, get as much visibility as possible and help your sweepstakes and contests take off.

We Are Here To Help

Our team will create an advertising and marketing campaign for your contest or sweepstakes to make it successful. We know the building blocks of creating successful campaigns from the initial design, promotion, creating the event, to the follow up.

Elevated’s sweepstakes digital marketing services also focuses on utilizing multiple channels for maximum effectiveness. We use a combination of SEO, paid media, email, paid social media, and content development & distribution to ensure you reach your audience and get them to spread the word about your giveaway event.

To get more information about how Elevated can help you succeed with a contest or sweepstakes campaign, contact us today!