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Elevated is a website development company built for companies who are active (or intend to be) in the digital marketing space. Our website developers and project managers bring to the table the foresight and experience that helps our clients make the best decisions for their digital presence, and we focus on delivering a product that gives out clients the maximum level of utility and streamlined functionality.

Let’s Strategize

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Let’s Strategize

By completing this form, you acknowledge and agree that Elevated may contact you at the information above.


Number 1

Discovery Workshop

In this workshop we collaborate on the needs and goals for your new/updated website. We help build a consensus within both teams on design direction, technology stack & site-architecture ideas. Understanding the pain points, priorities, and needs is the first step towards success.

Number 2

Information Architecture

We create a sitemap based on what we learn from the discovery workshop, and from there we start to outline and document the architecture wireframes. We define user journeys in order to gain a top-level understanding of the content, elements & functionality needed.

Number 3

Visual Direction & Mood Boarding

Brainstorming includes competitive, industry, and out-of-industry research in the way of looking at mood, tone, dynamic layout, movement and animation, photography, illustration, typography style and treatment, color usage, etc. Altogether, we create a visual direction presentation that guides the actual interface designs.

Number 4

Interface Designs

Our design team designs custom templates, drawing from the previous steps, in full brand look and color to establish the final user interface direction of the site. Designs are not only desktop but also mobile web designs. We may also create custom graphics and other assets called for in the scope of work.

Number 5

Full Specifications Development Hand Off

A full specifications document alongside a detailed and well organized package of approved design files and assets as compiled and handed off to the development team. This package is also shared with the client as it contains all assets from the design project and becomes an important resource later on.

Number 6

Front-end / Back-end Development

Initial development of all templates and modules created during the design phase begins with this step. This will ensure that all the screens are working as intended before transitioning into the selected platform, be it an information site, a lead gen site, or an ecommerce site.

Number 7

User-Testing / Quality Assurance

User testing is an important step in every project, and we do our best to allocate enough time for it. During this process the client gets to review the website in a secure staging environment, and together we identify any bugs and last minute edits needed to be made prior to the website going live.

Number 8

Website Launch & Marketing Strategy

We launch the website and monitor it closely for a specified period of time as determined by the scope of work. Our team also works on a digital marketing plan that we share for ongoing digital marketing support. Most of our clients remain engaged with us for ongoing ad hoc design and development work post site launch.


Give us 15 minutes of your time, and we will tell you if we think we can help or not. Click the button, fill out the form, and we’ll email you to coordinate a time to chat.

A Website Design and Development

Process That Works

Imagine a world where all web project go according to plan, and every single deadline is met on time if not early! Those unicorns exist, but the reality is that every project is froth with unknowns and potential curve balls. At the end of the day, we’re a bunch of people working together, and sometimes things happen that can create delays, or change the order of priorities previously setm, and people have been known to change their minds from time to time.

This is where having a solid process and a great project manager can make a huge difference. Our process is tough. We require our clients to commit time and resources to achieve the desired goal. Having said that, we also understand that at times, we need to roll with the punches and embrace – or even expect – that things will change from day 1.

We use a system of open communication and organization that allows all parties involved to make rational decisions, and own the direction the project goes.

Design and Development Process
Project Projection Illustration

Website Project Communication

The Right Way

Project communication is often misunderstood. How many times have you heard “it’s better to over-communicate”? In the right context that may be the case, but there is a clear line dividing effective communication that leads to productive collaboration, and unproductive communication wrapped up in micromanaging, that just generates more work and frustration – and keeps folks away from working on the project.

We approach communication from an objective perspective. Our goal is to set clear expectations, and we do so through the use of timeline and precise words and definitions.

We also do our best to show the options and the potential outcomes. A client may request a certain customization to be done on their website project, but if they were properly informed that such a customization would render their content management platform useless, they may opt for another direction. Our team is always thinking two to three steps ahead, and doing the best we can to keep everyone on the same page.

Content Creation and

Strategy Support

If you’ve worked through a website design or website development project (or both!) you probably know that content collection can be – well, a pain in the neck! Content collection is often the biggest bottleneck in the website design and development process.

This step is often underestimated by clients, and a lot of folks struggle with coming up with content for a new website they haven’t seen yet. It’s a chicken and the egg type of challenge. Here at Elevated, we have updated our process to make content collection as straightforward and streamlined as possible, but that doesn’t mean that it is not challenging.

For that reason, our team has come up with multiple strategies, including the actual content writing as an added service, to transform this bottleneck into an advantage.

Content Coding Experts!


Give us 15 minutes of your time, and we will tell you if we think we can help or not. Click the button, fill out the form, and we’ll email you to coordinate a time to chat.


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