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eCommerce is one of the most vital business sectors of the modern world. More people than ever are completing purchases online, and taking advantage of the eCommerce trend, which can be incredibly lucrative no matter what type of products your company sells. Elevated Internet Marketing can provide the professional digital marketing services you need to break into new market sectors with confidence and establish a competitive presence.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical part of making your website appear for users searching for products or services like yours. To do it well, we’ve developed a set of keyword tools, designed to identify relevant keywords that rank for you.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword Mapping

We create a sitemap based on what we learn from the discovery workshop, and from there we start to outline and document the architecture wireframes. We define user journeys in order to gain a top-level understanding of the content, elements & functionality needed.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO encompasses our behind the scenes work to ensure you perform well and ranks high. We’ll boost your page load speed, address mobile optimization, add structured data markup, and more to enable Google’s crawlers to map your page.

Link Building

Link Building

Link building is a powerful SEO tool we’ll leverage in your favor. Optimized links to your website, embedded into another website for reference, help to increase traffic and build your credibility by transferring other sites’ authority to your page.


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Elevated Internet Marketing will help ensure every dollar you spend on paid marketing campaigns translates to real sales for your eCommerce brand. We’ll help your team determine the best paid marketing channels to reach your target consumers and deliver higher quality marketing content to your leads.

Paid Advertising
Email Marketing Agency



Marketing through email is still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. Our team can help you develop a segmented email marketing list that allows you to deliver more personalized email messages to your target customers and encourage conversions more naturally. We can also help you take full advantage of innovative automation technologies.

Search Engine


Optimizing your website and the content you publish for search rankings is essential for building your eCommerce brand. Elevated Internet Marketing can offer professional SEO guidance that allows you to ensure top rankings in the search results most relevant to your brand.

Search Engine Optimization
Website Design and Development

Webpage Design and


Our team can help you completely reshape your website into the most accurate digital reflection of your brand and the value you offer your customers. We’ll work closely with you on every aspect of web design, from graphics and visual impact to the back-end framework that ensures every page of your site runs as smoothly as possible.



Elevated Internet Marketing will ensure every project we undertake with your company is managed carefully. We’ll provide detailed breakdowns of project deliverables and ensure fluid communications between everyone involved with a project to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Project Discussion
Analytics Report


It’s vital to consistently assess your site’s performance to evaluate the return on your marketing investments. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you develop a robust reporting system that tracks your most important performance indicators over time, allowing your team to make more data-driven decisions.

eCommerce Industry

Marketing Statistics

The eCommerce market has been growing at an extraordinary rate over the past several years. Digital marketing is more critical than ever before, and Elevated Internet Marketing can help your company take full advantage of the benefits of digital marketing more effectively than you can imagine. It’s vital to know a few important statistics concerning the digital marketing trends in the eCommerce sector:

  • In 2020, more than 2 billion people worldwide purchased goods over the internet. This number is expected to continue growing over the next several years, ultimately resulting in eCommerce overtaking physical store sales by a substantial margin.

  • During the same year, eCommerce sales surpassed $4 trillion globally in US dollars. This shows a tremendous amount of opportunity for any eCommerce brand in a market that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

  • Online marketplaces like Amazon account for the most significant share of online purchases. While Amazon commands the largest share of digital marketplace traffic, many smaller sites have seen incredible sales growth with the eCommerce boom over recent years.

  • Mobile devices account for roughly 60% of all eCommerce sales. More people than ever use their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to browse the web and make purchases. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you develop a robust mobile website that provides your customers with a consistent experience no matter how they prefer to interact with your eCommerce brand.

  • Digital marketing now comprises the lion’s share of global ad spend. More companies than ever are investing heavily in digital marketing. Companies that previously had no eCommerce presence are now committing to more robust digital marketing efforts to grow their eCommerce sales.

  • Nearly 70% of all digital experiences begin with a search engine, and this includes eCommerce sales. Developing your SEO strategy will have a tangible impact on your digital bottom line.

  • More than one-third of all small businesses operating in the United States do not have websites, let alone eCommerce options for their customers. Even if you believe your business is “too small” for digital retail, you can set your brand apart by a substantial margin when you invest in eCommerce.

  • Modern customers report that their top incentive for shopping online is free shipping. For many people, the cost of shipping is a deterrent to buying online when combined with the wait time for delivery. Free shipping can entice more customers to purchase from you online, and more sales can easily offset the cost of offering free shipping to your customers.

  • Other important drivers behind online purchasing include 41% of consumers reporting the ability to use coupons drives their online purchases, 35% report that the ability to read other customers’ reviews is a significant incentive to buying online, and 33% report ease of arranging returns as another critical factor in their online purchasing decisions.

  • More than one-third of store customers will price comparisons on their phones while inside the store before committing to a purchase. It’s common for modern shoppers to quickly browse the web to locate better deals online, often opting for eCommerce when the cost difference offsets the wait time for shipping.

  • More than 80% of eCommerce customers perform online research before purchasing anything online. This is a significant reason it is so crucial to invest appropriately in digital marketing. You must convey real value to attract your ideal customers.


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10 Essential Types of Marketing Emails

for Your eCommerce Business

If you want to grow your eCommerce brand, it is essential to capitalize on the various digital marketing channels. Email marketing, though often overlooked, continues to offer some of the best return on investment of any available digital marketing method. If you have not yet developed an email marketing campaign for your eCommerce brand, or if your current email marketing system consists of the same message to every recipient, Elevated Internet Marketing can help you take email marketing to the next level by helping you develop multiple marketing emails based on your customers’ behaviors and past interactions with your brand:

  1. Welcome emails are ideal for showing leads that you appreciate their interest in your brand. Once someone signs up for your email list, you should have an automated welcome message on the way to their inbox to introduce your brand more fully and incentivize them to explore your site further.


  2. Digital newsletters can help you position your brand as a leading voice in your industry. No matter what type of products you sell online, your email newsletter provides your readers with valuable and relevant information about your market, showing them why your eCommerce products are a superior option.


  3. Product news informs your email list recipients about the latest offerings in your eCommerce store. Warm leads who may have been uncertain about doing business with you could be enticed to convert with your latest product information. You can also create product information messages that highlight bestselling items, seasonal items, and products designed for specific purposes that align with current events.


  4. Thank-you emails are a must for any email marketing campaign. Once a customer completes any action on their journey with your brand, be sure to fire off an email thanking them for their interest and their support. Showing appreciation in this manner may seem like a minor concern, but the human element of thanking your customers creates a more personalized experience for them.


  5. Remarketing emails can allow you to reconnect with leads and customers who did business with you or interacted with your site in the past but never converted. Elevated Internet Marketing can analyze your email marketing data and help you devise a functional remarketing strategy that recaptures the interest of leads and customers you thought you lost.


  6. Abandoned cart reminders are more helpful than many marketers realize. When a user visits your eCommerce site and starts filling their cart, they may become distracted by something else and forget to complete the purchase. These reminders are valuable and can significantly boost your eCommerce sales, and it’s also wise to include suggestions for other items they should add to their cart based on their current selections.


  7. Survey emails are more effective than you might realize. If you are trying to provide more personalized experiences to your customers, why not ask them directly about their thoughts on your brand? We can help you automate survey emails based on customer behavior to deliver them at the most opportune times.


  8. Personalized messages also help you build rapport with your customers. You’re going to need to gather various data points from every customer who shops your eCommerce site, so why not put this personal data to good use by crafting personalized emails to your recipients? Send them birthday messages with coupons or inform them about new promotions and product releases related to their past purchases.


  9. Sneak peek/preview emails are great for keeping customers interested in the new products you’ll be offering shortly. It’s also a good idea to tie these email messages in with the content you publish to your website.


  10. Review requests are some of the most valuable email messages you can send. Many eCommerce sites configure customer review systems that are intuitive and show customers that their feedback is valued. Elevated Digital Marketing can help you do the same for your brand.


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Don’t Overlook These Paid Media Opportunities for

Your eCommerce Business

While Google’s paid search is what most business owners think of when they consider the term “paid ads,” it’s critical not to overlook the many other beneficial paid media opportunities eCommerce businesses can use. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you develop a more holistic digital marketing strategy that takes full advantage of the many digital marketing channels available:

  • Google Ads continues to be a leading choice in eCommerce marketing. The Google Ads system is intuitive, simple, and scalable to your business. Elevated Digital Marketing can help your brand take advantage of text-based ads, display ads, and even remarketing ads tailored to leads who have interacted with your brand in the past. 
  • Facebook Ads are an incredibly potent marketing option for any eCommerce brand. If you have an established Facebook presence, you can leverage this to attract more of your community to explore your online store. The Facebook Ads system is scalable to your needs and can become one of your highest return on investment advertising channels.
  • Instagram Ads are another valuable social media marketing avenue that you shouldn’t overlook. The Instagram platform is incredibly potent when it comes to visual content, so this platform could be the ideal place to showcase your products in breathtaking ways.
  • Snapchat Ads. Video content is becoming more popular as a marketing vector, and digital marketing professionals across many industries are reporting heavier investments into their video content creation efforts. You can leverage Snapchat ads and attract new customers easily in an affordable way.
  • Influencer marketing. When it comes to social media advertising, one of the most important channels you should investigate is influencers. As the title suggests, an influencer can easily shift the perceptions of many followers, helping you convert them to your brand once you demonstrate your value to the influencer. 

Once your team has determined which types of paid ads are most likely to yield the results you expect and which platforms offer you the best opportunity to connect more deeply with your target customer base, you can start experimenting with different ad types:

  • Display ads are simple yet effective. Google places these ads at the top of relevant search results, showcasing the products most closely related to the user’s search query.
  • Text ads are another efficient option. These ads are entirely text-based and provide information to the searcher quickly.
  • Retargeting ads are more complex to configure but tend to offer fantastic results. A retargeted ad will follow a lead who visited your site and left without converting, displaying an advertisement for your brand on another website they visit. Retargeted ads are likely to encourage warm leads to reexamine your eCommerce site.
  • Story ads are most effective in video or infographic format. As the name suggests, these ads tell a story about your products and the lifestyle they can offer to the customer. Story ads can easily accompany photo or video ads.
  • Multimedia ads. Photos and videos are some of the most potent marketing tools on social media. If you’re thinking of ways to enhance your social media marketing presence, develop some ads focused on original photography or video content to provide your followers with a change of pace from the typical marketing materials.
  • Carousel ads. These ads allow for horizontal scrolling, effectively allowing you to create a quick and easy photo gallery of your products for a customer to browse quickly. Facebook has reported a 30% to 50% lower cost per conversion for advertisers using carousel ads on Facebook.

Ultimately, there are countless opportunities for crafting a unique digital marketing strategy that spans multiple channels. Elevated Internet Marketing will work closely with you to determine the ideal configuration of ads that will work best for your brand.


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Understanding CRO for

Your eCommerce Site

Any business owner who has spent time crafting a beautiful website and developing a solid SEO strategy knows that driving traffic to their page is vital for success. However, it’s equally important to make good use of the traffic to your website. High website traffic volume doesn’t do much good to your brand if it doesn’t translate to tangible sales. One of the most important things to enhance if you want to boost eCommerce sales is conversion rate optimization (CRO).

What Exactly Is a Conversion?

Simply put, a conversion is whenever a lead turns into a sale. A customer interested in your brand “converts” from a potential sale into an actual sale. It’s also possible to measure conversion rate based on the number of social media followers you gain through a marketing campaign, how many people sign up for your email list in response to an ad or a promotion, or any number of other desired actions you want your leads to take on their journey with your brand.

What Does Conversion Rate Indicate?

Your conversion rate is the rate at which visitors to your website are completing sales. High website traffic but low conversion rate means that people have little trouble finding your website but aren’t convinced enough to complete sales. A high conversion rate is a good indicator that your marketing strategy is working well.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

CRO is the process of identifying the factors driving down your conversion rate and modifying them, effectively enhancing the customer journey and increasing the likelihood of them converting to your brand. This is a detailed and systematic process. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you analyze your conversion rate and determine the “choke points” causing leads to turn away from conversion. 

Improving your conversion rate may come down to enhancing your content marketing efforts to boost brand authority, augmenting your review section so customers can more easily read reviews of your products from other customers, or developing new types of content that appeal to your target customer base more impactfully.

Why Is Conversion Rate So Important for eCommerce?

Conversion rate is a vital performance indicator for eCommerce for several reasons. First, a high conversion rate means that the eCommerce site is taking full advantage of the website traffic to their site. Second, a high conversion rate means that the eCommerce brand makes the most of its customer acquisition budget. 

If your conversion rate is lower than expected or begins to dwindle, it’s vital to analyze the point at which your conversions seem to slow down. Elevated Internet Marketing will help your team develop a customer journey that shows every step of a customer’s path between their first encounter with your brand and completing the desired action, such as purchasing one of your products. Once we have this customer journey mapped, we can identify all the stress points that may be causing your conversion rate to diminish and offer actionable advice for boosting your conversion rate.

What to Expect From Elevated Internet Marketing

When you work with Elevated Internet Marketing on CRO for your eCommerce site, you can rely on us for detailed, data-driven insights into your customers’ conversion paths. We will carefully analyze your customers’ journeys with your brands and evaluate your existing marketing channels to find opportunities to improve. Ultimately, a more streamlined conversion path not only benefits your company but also your customers, providing them with the high-quality products you offer and allowing them to make purchases from you with greater confidence while your team enjoys a solid return on investment for every marketing dollar spent.


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Our team has experience working with all types of paid marketing channels and can help you develop a uniquely tailored digital marketing strategy that suits your goals and target customer base.

Absolutely. Social media offers some of the best marketing results of any digital marketing method, and our team has the experience to help you take full advantage of every social media marketing profile you operate.

Elevated Internet Marketing will conduct an extensive audit of your current website to determine whether bad design, poor back-end structure, or other issues are preventing your website from achieving the conversion rate you want to see.

We promise that once we begin the conversion rate optimization process and assist you with your other digital marketing needs, you will notice a significant increase in sales and conversions.

Don’t fall into the misconception that online retail is strictly for big box brands. eCommerce offers tremendous potential to smaller retailers across all product markets.

We believe in providing holistic digital marketing services based on your needs. Once we evaluate your current digital marketing strategies, we will provide our best recommendations for steps to take that will increase your success with eCommerce.


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