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Behind every successful and well-known company is a marketing team working hard to keep them on top. If you want your business to stand out in today’s massive, highly-regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, then you’re going to need an innovative and tenacious healthcare digital marketing agency to have your back. Elevated’s team was forged from 15+ years of agency experience in heavily-regulated industries,. Creating compelling, conversion-focused campaigns in high-compliance spaces is what we do.

Oversaturated industries like healthcare demand, a competitive online presence. Without brand relevance, your quickly lost in a sea of similar companies.  All brands aren’t built the same, we take the time to personalize every marketing strategy to include, as needed:

  • Search Engine Optimization: By utilizing our knowledge of search algorithms, we help you curate and position your content so that your website ranks higher, reaching more potential clients.
  • Paid Media: The ads that you scroll through during your daily Instagram check-in aren’t free. We’ll help you drive conversions to your website by reaching clients in the places that they frequent the most: search engines and social media channels.
  • Email & Marketing Automation: Boost the lifetime value of your website visitors and lead database by implementing email & automation programs that nurture and convert anonymous website visitors into repeat customers.
  • Design & Development: Does your website have a high bounce rate? Likely, Your website doesn’t meet your visitors expectations.. Our team can help you optimize your website so that it’s not only appealing to potential customers, but search engines as well.

With the right mix of Elevated’s internet marketing agency magic and expertise, you’ll rank higher, increase web and digital traffic, and convert more opportunities into wins.

Search Engine

Optimization (SEO)

In a world where everyone relies on the internet to find new products and services, your search engine ranking is vital to your company’s success. Applying proper SEO to your website and each of its individual pages requires an expert’s touch – and Elevated is here to help. Our SEO team has over 10+ years of experience in the field and can help you optimize your healthcare or pharmaceutical site to better compete with top-rated competitors in the industry.

With a polished SEO strategy, your healthcare or pharmaceutical page will rank higher in search results where potential clients can find you. Better yet, Elevated knows how to manage highly regulated healthcare spaces to provide the most truthful, ethical, and credible marketing strategy possible. We know how to make your company look good while sticking to the truth – building a rapport with your future clients where it matters.

Paid Media Services

Cary – one of our differentiators is our experience in running and being shutdown in past campaigns:

Paid media for healthcare and pharma is complex. We’ve done it. We’re doing it every day. Choose a team that isn’t learning on the job.

If you want to reach the highest number of consumers for your healthcare or pharmaceutical company, then you’ll need paid media. Our paid media specialists target potential leads through some of the most frequented media channels, including:

  • Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Programmatic
  • Digital radio

By advertising your business on this many channels, you’ll be able to generate more leads and awareness for your business. Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tactics will help you decide which paid media channels can connect you to the highest number of potential leads for your industry at a more efficient cost.

Healthcare Email

& Automation

Some companies are so spooked by HIPPA compliance, they don’t have any email marketing. Others are so encumbered by their compliance platforms, their email marketing is ineffective. Still others risk it all everyday by not understanding their compliance needs at all. The Elevated Email team understands how daunting it is to navigate healthcare marketing compliance. While we don’t provide legal advice, we partner diligently with our clients to understand their specific legal landscape and finesse the best possible results from even the most restrictive circumstances. We believe compliance is not where great marketing ideas go to die. We rise to the challenge to help our clients build and optimize healthy, high-conversion Email & Marketing Automation programs from lead opt-in to nurturing and retention. Let’s start building yours.

Web Design

To stand out in today’s highly competitive healthcare or pharmaceutical world, your website needs to not only be operational on all devices, but eye-catching enough to keep the customer exploring. With Elevated, you can obtain a site that is user-friendly, fast, and optimized for all search engines. Our experienced design team will help you highlight the unique parts of your brand so that your website can send its visitors an authentic message.


If you want an experienced, unique, and credible internet marketing company on your side, then look no further than Elevated. We know how to navigate the strict regulations of healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, leveraging your credibility to build strong relationships with your customers. Each of our clients receive an account manager, who serve as a point of contact between our team and yours so that you’re always informed about your campaign’s status.

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