Elevated, A Digital Partner

As Acceptance Insurance's Digital Agency of Record, Elevated has participated in a number of different efforts, from Search Engine Optimization, to Conversion Rate Optimization, Paid Social, Paid Media Management and more. Throughout the relationship, Elevated has continued to demonstrate flexibility and expertise.


Elevated identified several key areas of performance where they were either bleeding ad spend on non-performing keywords/ad groups – or – not exploiting segmentations that were performing well.


Elevated implemented 4 key strategies:1 – We segmented “state” level campaigns to city targeted campaigns in an effort to control bidding at a more granular level.2 – Through keyword research, we expanded the negative keyword list to eliminate irrelevant or under-performing keywords.3 – We implemented day-parting at the city level to improve efficiency metrics.4 – We analyzed hourly conversion metrics to set bid modifiers to improve efficiency.


By the end of month 1, we had lowered their CPL to under $30 and by the end of the third month – it had stabilized around $23. At the same time, we were able to improve online conversions by more than 50% (from ~3,000/mo to ~4,500/mo). In addition to the above, we were able to lower the average CPC from ~$14 to ~$13. With a $100K+ ad spend, a 8% reduction in CPC translated to substantial savings. The other immediate effect was that with the exact same ad budget, they were able to increase the number of clicks and acquisitions.

The sooner you start, the better.