Senior Developer

I’ve been slaving over a hot computer slinging websites since Web 1.0. That’s over 10 years, or 6 billion hours (roughly), of knowledge from crafting crafty development solutions for an endless array of difficult challenges. While my focus has primarily been in the ecommerce space developing across several platforms, most recently I have been focused on Magento. At the end of the day, regardless of the type of project, I am driven to create the most effective and beautiful solutions possible. I write free-range, gluten free code that will leave you satisfied and guilt-free.

When I’m not saving the world one website at a time, I’m usually Netflix and chillin’ with my wife, chatting with my daughter, strumming the guitar, surfing, or golfing.

3 things you may not know about me:

In high school I was in a classic rock cover band called “Chato Ramirez’s Mariachi Explosion”.

I can finish a Rubik’s Pyramid in under a minute.

I had a pet hawk as a kid.