SEO Specialist

Hi, I’m Leon. I’m a father of two, prior Marine, and the SEO Specialist of Elevated. I’ll be the driving force that’s going to take your website from day one to page one. I absolutely love SEO and all of its intricacies- I live, eat, sleep, and breathe it. I’m a very analytical but creative person by nature and SEO is the perfect interplay between the two. I actually began this adventure into the marketing world over three years ago while serving in Marine Corps. What had originally started as a dabble turned into a full-blown passion! I was absolutely HOOKED after I ranked my first few websites. So when I’m not working or playing with my kids (or playing Fortnite) you can probably find me learning something like the true nerd I am.

Fun Fact:

I love to go SCUBA diving

I have over 1,200 hours played in Fortnite and I’m not particularly proud of it

Action movies are a mental weakness of mine