VP, Marketing Automation

I remember years ago telling a board room of executives, “I really think this email marketing thing is here to stay.” Several of them shook their heads and muttered, “Never, no way.”  You know how that story ends. 😉

I love digital marketing because it never stops evolving. As it evolves, email continues to be a digital conversation linchpin – almost a utility – holding it all together and improving conversion across every channel.

After starting my career as a print journalist, I’ve spent most of the past 25+ years clientside. I’ve managed large and small teams including marketing, creative, paid search, call center sales, IT and CRM/database. I’ve analyzed and deployed numerous email marketing deployment systems and marketing automation platforms, and I’ve been fortunate to have a front-row seat for B2B and B2C communication needs across complete customer journies.

It always, always comes back to email.

I am thrilled to collaborate with the top-tier agency talent at Elevated in the full-funnel pursuit of digital ROI for our clients.

When I am not obsessing over open rates or plotting customer journey workflows, I am usually in or on the water with my husband and two kids.

Three things you may not know about me:

I am a 50-ton USCG Commercial Boat Captain

I am a former SCUBA Diving Instructor

I once interviewed Dalai Lama