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Wider Audience With Sound Digital Marketing Strategies

The travel and tourism markets are constantly in flux, and modern travel and tourism companies need functional, flexible, and reliable marketing strategies to capture and engage their audience. Elevated Internet Marketing offers a complete range of digital marketing services designed to help travel and tourism companies accelerate growth, deliver better customer experiences, and establish brand recognition in a hyper-competitive market.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a critical part of making your website appear for users searching for products or services like yours. To do it well, we’ve developed a set of keyword tools, designed to identify relevant keywords that rank for you.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword Mapping

Once we’ve determined the best keywords to include, we’ll begin to place them in relevant areas of your pages based on your site structure. Keyword mapping boosts page rank and improves your users’ experience, driving longer site visits and conversions.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO encompasses our behind the scenes work to ensure you perform well and ranks high. We’ll boost your page load speed, address mobile optimization, add structured data markup, and more to enable Google’s crawlers to map your page.

Link Building

Link Building

Link building is a powerful SEO tool we’ll leverage in your favor. Optimized links to your website, embedded into another website for reference, help to increase traffic and build your credibility by transferring other sites’ authority to your page.


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Elevated Internet Marketing will assist your team in ensuring every marketing dollar translates to measurable conversions. Our team will work closely with your in-house marketing group to develop a functional marketing budget and capitalize on your unique marketing opportunities using paid media strategies.

Paid Advertising
Email Marketing



While the travel and tourism markets traditionally relied upon print ads, email marketing is now the best way to engage your prospects and share the best travel and tourism opportunities with them. We can help you develop an email marketing strategy that offers a fantastic return on investment.

Search engine


Search engine optimization is a cornerstone of modern digital marketing. The Elevated Internet Marketing team can help you develop a sound SEO strategy that ensures your brand remains competitive in search results for the keywords your customers are most likely to use in internet searches.

Search Engine Optimization
Website Designing

Web Design

and Development

Elevated Internet Marketing will help you transform your website to provide every visitor with a memorable and valuable experience. If your current site is little more than a digital business card, we can offer robust visual design guidance and assist with the back-end construction to ensure smooth user experiences.



Your travel and tourism team can rely on Elevated Internet Marketing to provide expert guidance through your marketing campaigns and web design projects. Our goal is to ensure every project you undertake with Elevated Internet Marketing is streamlined and driven by solid results.

Project Management Meeting


Tracking performance over time is crucial for marketing in any industry. We will help you create a robust reporting system that allows you to keep a close watch on key performance indicators over time. Benchmarking your marketing progress is the best way to make better decisions for your company in the future.

Travel and Tourism Industry

Marketing Statistics

The travel and tourism market requires a unique approach compared to most other business-to-consumer operating models. Some key statistics can help you rethink your current marketing strategy to yield more consistent results and stretch your marketing spend as far as possible:

  • More than half of all modern internet users use their mobile devices more than their desktop computers to surf the web. This highlights the importance of solid branding and consistent website design, so your customers can expect the same high-quality experiences on mobile platforms they would have on a traditional desktop browser. More than 50% of all travel and tourism industry website traffic comes from mobile devices.

  • Fifty-three percent of modern marketers report that their blogs drive the most conversions. If you have not invested in content development for your blog yet, you miss a valuable opportunity to connect with your ideal leads about the topics that interest them the most.

  • The most successful marketing teams devote about 40% of their marketing budget to content marketing. High-quality content is crucial for the travel and tourism market. Your business sells experiences, not products, and conveying the value of those experiences through polished written content is one of the best methods of attracting new business to your company.

  • About 80% of marketers in the travel and tourism industry operate social media marketing campaigns. Social media remains one of the best available channels for engaging with your customer base directly.

  • Digital marketing accounts for nearly half of all travel ad spending globally.

  • About 81% of travel and tourism industry consumers report that a company’s ability to deliver personalized experiences is crucial for them to do business with a travel and tourism company.

  • The travel and tourism industry accounts for roughly 11% of all online search spending in the United States, nearly $6 billion each year.

  • Nearly 70% of high-income travelers report that they would rather spend more money on memorable activities and experiences than a fancier hotel room. This highlights the importance of selling the experience through content marketing in the travel and tourism industry.

  • The average cost-per-action for paid search is about $49, while the average cost-per-action for display ads is about $75. This metric shows how crucial it is to make sound marketing decisions and invest every marketing dollar wisely.

  • About 40% of modern marketers report that one of their biggest challenges is proving the return on investment for their marketing activities. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you configure a reporting system that clearly outlines your marketing spend and translates the key data points so your team can make more data-driven marketing decisions.

  • Nearly 60% of modern marketers struggle with segmenting their audiences. In the travel and tourism industry, it is crucial to identify your target consumers and segment them based on their needs, goals, and priorities. We can help you develop more robust customer profiles to target your marketing campaigns more precisely.

  • The engagement rate for omnichannel marketing campaigns is about four times higher than single-channel. Modern consumers often bounce between different devices along a purchasing journey and expect consistent experiences.

  • Eighty percent of modern consumers report that they are more likely to do business with brands that offer personalized experiences. It’s vital to create marketing campaigns tailored to your target customers’ needs and expectations to convey your ability to deliver customized travel experiences.

  • More than 90% of marketers report that they intend to increase their marketing spend on video content and mobile marketing in 2021. Elevated Internet Marketing can help your team develop a sound mobile marketing strategy built on the foundation of a functional and streamlined mobile website.


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Benefits of Working With a Travel and

Tourism Internet Marketing Agency

The travel and tourism industry is one of the most competitive in the modern world. If you want your brand to stand out from the competition, a reliable digital marketing strategy is essential. Elevated Internet Marketing can provide the digital marketing services your team needs to accelerate your growth and capture a dedicated audience.

Capture a Wider Audience

The travel and tourism industry offers unique experiences, not products. Elevated Internet Marketing can help your team create content that shows your target audience the kinds of experiences they can expect to have when they come to you for their travel needs.

Create More Engaging Content

Content marketing remains one of the most crucial components of any modern digital marketing strategy. Elevated Internet Marketing can help your team develop more attractive, engaging, and valuable content that resonates with your target audience. We work with talented writers who can create written content that provides your audience with enticing glimpses of the experiences they can have when they choose your company for their travel needs.

Extract Maximum Value From Your Marketing Spend

Investing your marketing dollars wisely is essential for ensuring consistent long-term growth. Elevated Internet Marketing will work closely with your team to develop a marketing strategy that delivers tangible results. We’ll help you optimize your paid marketing spend and ensure your marketing budget provides a measurable return on investment. 


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How Can Travel Businesses Benefit

From Paid Media?

The savvy modern business owner is familiar with online advertising, but how can paid media aid the contemporary travel and tourism business? Digital marketing has become a more pressing concern for the travel and tourism industry, with modern companies spending more than they ever have before on digital marketing campaigns. If you intend to secure a firmer foothold in the digital marketing space of the travel and tourism industry, it is more crucial than ever to understand the role paid media plays in connecting with your target audience. 

If you want to accelerate growth and see clearer results from your paid media spend, it’s vital to keep a few best practices in mind. Elevated Internet Marketing can help your company take advantage of several commonly overlooked digital marketing strategies in paid media that can help you deliver better experiences to your customers while attracting new customers into your fold at a consistent rate.

Exploring Geotargeting

Travel and tourism experiences are highly personal, and some experiences will appeal to customers in a specific region more than others. For example, offering vacations to customers living in the Rocky Mountains should likely focus on warm climates, tropical locations, and opportunities to escape the cold. If your target market is in the Deep South, offering travel experiences that promise cool refreshment in a lakeside cabin or a quiet mountainside resort could be ideal choices. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you geo target your paid ads more precisely in the geographic locations where they are most likely to succeed.

Targeting Social Media Interests

Social media has become one of the most crucial digital marketing vectors of the modern world. Users can tailor their social media experiences based on their interests, and modern marketers must capitalize on these interests to attract new followers who will ultimately convert to customers. Elevated Internet Marketing can help your team develop a more functional social media ad strategy and engage with customers more effectively.

Anticipating User Questions

Investing in travel is paying for an experience, and like any other investment, the consumer will want to know where their money will be going once they commit to the purchase. Working in travel and tourism means answering lots of questions from prospective customers. They’ll want to know what services you can offer that take the stress and uncertainty out of traveling, and most of them will want glimpses of the experiences they’re going to have when they take advantage of the travel services you offer. 

Elevated Internet Marketing will help you anticipate user questions, develop content around answering those questions, and help you explore innovative new technologies like augmented reality and virtual assistants that can provide even more robust user experiences and give users the information they need to do business with you with confidence.

Developing Better Promotional Campaigns

A promotion is a solid opportunity to attract more business to your travel and tourism company and deliver the final nudge a warm lead needs to convert. Elevated Internet Marketing can review your past marketing campaigns and help you develop new marketing initiatives that provide even better results.

Using Photo and Video Media Effectively

The average internet user has a relatively short attention span, so it is vital to capture their interest with tailored media that is relevant and engaging. The travel and tourism industry functions around providing comfortable conveyance to new destinations and allowing customers the chance to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences they can’t have anywhere else. Elevated Internet Marketing can help your team make more effective use of photo and video content that creates visual interest, allowing your prospective customers to imagine visiting their dream vacation destinations in vivid detail. 

Remarketing Wisely

Remarketing is a way to reconnect with leads your brand has previously touched. Configuring a solid remarketing strategy requires careful planning and detailed insights into your available customer data. Elevated Internet Marketing can help your team devise remarketing campaigns focused on lead behavior, strategically building brand recognition with these leads through the marketing channels most likely to influence their spending.


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How Does Your Travel or Tourism

Website Design Impact Paid Media?

Imagine the average traveler looking for the best way to book the experience they envision, only for them to encounter outdated, clunky websites that do not match their vision of the experience they want. This happens more often than many marketers realize. Creating a more functional and beautiful website not only translates to leads taking your brand more seriously but can also influence your paid media spend. A better website will effectively translate into a better return on your investment in other marketing efforts. It’s essential to invest in your website accordingly before exploring your other marketing opportunities if you want to ensure the best return on your investments.

Essential Elements of an Effective Travel and Tourism Company Website

Elevated Internet Marketing takes modern web design seriously. Our team will work closely with yours to develop a more robust website that shows your leads and customers what kind of experience they can expect by choosing your brand for their travel needs. We can help you ensure your website includes the necessary elements for attracting more customers and providing positive experiences, such as:

  • Professional and attractive visual design. An eye-catching website is not only more pleasant visually but also more impactful from a marketing perspective. We can help you overhaul outdated graphics and create more engaging and streamlined visual experiences for the users who visit your website.
  • An engaging blog. Your website’s blog should be the content hub your leads refer to when they want the latest information and tips about travel and tourism. We can not only help you make your blog more visually engaging but also provide professional guidance for ensuring it delivers memorable and valuable content to readers regularly. Your blog content is also one of the best ways to organically boost your search engine rankings, potentially saving you money on other aspects of your marketing efforts.
  • Intuitive landing pages. The landing pages on your website will be the first things users see when they click a link to your site. We can help you categorize your landing pages to provide users with more personalized experiences, arranging them by region, interests, and the types of experiences you offer to your customers.
  • Robust service pages. Your travel and tourism company likely offers several different services and perhaps even tiers of services. It’s vital to convey this information to the visitors to your site in an interesting and intuitive way. We’ll help you redesign every one of your service pages to encourage visitors to spend as much time as possible browsing what you have to offer.
  • Visual media. Photos and videos are incredibly effective from a marketing perspective, especially for an experience-driven industry like travel and tourism. Our team can help you make the best use of the multimedia you want to publish on your site. Effective use of photo and video content can help visitors envision the travel experiences your company can offer.
  • Easy navigation. Ideally, any user who visits your website should be able to reach any page of your site within three clicks, and they should be able to easily navigate the various pages of your site seamlessly. Elevated Internet Marketing will help you do away with clunky navigation and make your website more streamlined and welcoming to new visitors.
  • Mobile-friendly design. More people than ever are using their mobile devices to browse the web and complete purchases. We can help ensure your website performs admirably on mobile devices and desktop browsers, providing your customer base with more ways to have positive and valuable interactions with your brand.
  • Customer reviews. Your company sells experiences, so you want leads to read all about the positive experiences your previous customers have had by choosing your company. We can help you create a testimonial/review page that allows newcomers to quickly understand why your company is a top choice for their travel and tourism needs.
  • Accessible contact information. Once your leads are engaged with your site, we will configure contact information that’s easy to access, so they know precisely how to contact you.

Elevated Internet Marketing can provide a complete overhaul of your existing site, ensuring it becomes the hub of all the content you produce and assisting your team in ensuring maximum value from all your paid marketing efforts. 


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How Can You Use Email Marketing Automation to

Advance Your Travel and Tourism Business?

The travel and tourism industry once thrived with ads in print, on TV, and the radio. Employees working for travel and tourism companies also spent quite a lot of time on the phone helping their customers arrange their travel experiences. Today, it’s possible to automate many marketing activities that previously commanded the bulk of a marketing team’s time and effort each day. Email marketing is particularly effective for automation, allowing you to advance your customer relationships seamlessly with polished content delivered conveniently to your leads’ inboxes. 

Email automation may sound intimidating at first. While it is difficult to configure, working with the right digital marketing agency can ensure that your automated email campaigns deliver the experiences you envision and provide recipients with the information they need to choose your brand with confidence

Marketing email campaigns are incredibly effective when you devote the right amount of time and energy to creating them. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you advance your email marketing efforts in several ways:

  • We can help you attract new customers with emails designed for quick and easy digestion, providing leads with all the information they need to be enticed to work with your brand for their travel needs. Based on their interactions with these initial emails, we can help you tailor further email automation to fortify your relationships with your leads.

  • Email automation allows you to easily share trip details and updates. Once a customer has booked a travel experience through your company, email automation will ensure they have all the essential details they need for their journey right in their inbox.

  • Share promotional offers easily with automated emails. Elevated Internet Marketing can help you analyze your customers’ behaviors and provide them with details on current promotions and special offers to encourage them to convert.

  • We can configure a pipeline between your automated emails and your social media profiles, encouraging your leads to engage with your brand across multiple platforms and join your online community.

  • Email automation is one of the best ways to distribute surveys and interest-gathering forms. This information will allow your team to provide more carefully tailored experiences and develop new travel and tourism options for the future.

  • Email automation is also ideal for newsletter distribution, providing your recipients with the latest travel and tourism information in a convenient format. Newsletters help keep your customers informed about your latest service offerings, ideal travel destinations that appeal to their interests, and the supplemental information they need to plan their next adventures.

  • You can distribute answers for frequently asked questions through automated emails. We’ll help you determine the questions your leads are most likely to ask and configure emails that answer their questions and build their confidence about choosing your brand.

  • Data-driven email automation is incredibly effective. Once you have gathered your customers’ indicated preferences and interests, you can automatically distribute email marketing materials tailored to their preferences.

  • Elevated Internet Marketing can help you segment your email list to provide your recipients with the most valuable and exciting materials based on their past interactions with your brand and their preferences.

These are only a few examples of how proper email automation can be incredibly effective for advancing your travel and tourism business. Email marketing continues to provide some of the best return on investment of any available marketing channel. Our team can help you take full advantage of automation for more effective email marketing. Elevated Internet Marketing will help you develop an automation strategy that encourages conversions and provides readers with the relevant and valuable information they need to keep enjoying their engagements with your brand. 


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Your customers need to have an idea of what you can offer and where they can go with your services, and they are going to want this information easily accessible online.

We’re proud to offer a full range of digital marketing, web design, and content marketing services to clients in the travel and tourism industry.

This varies based on your target audience, your location, and your long-term conversion goals. Elevated Internet Marketing will work with you to develop a realistic marketing budget and ensure maximum value for every marketing dollar you spend.

Digital marketing is crucial for all businesses, including tiny ones. Do not make the mistake of believing your business is too small to warrant professional advice from a seasoned team of digital marketing professionals. We can scale our services to your needs.

Rest assured that once our team reviews your marketing strategy and starts working on the issues that require the most attention, you’ll see a noticeable increase in your conversion rate and sales. We’ll ensure every marketing dollar is well spent.

Travel and tourism trends are constantly changing. You can rely on Elevated Internet Marketing to recommend the best times to revamp your website, ensuring a consistent message and brand image no matter how often you redesign.


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