Most people in our field are well aware of the positive impact that conversion rate optimization has produced. Both for businesses and their bottom line, and for consumers getting a better on site experience.

There are a lot of fields though that haven’t yet adopted conversion rate optimization to improve how they interact with the people they serve.

Dog and Education

Education & CRO Are a Perfect Match

Education is one of the larger fields that come to mind. Not just schools and online universities, but the back end learning required of adopting new software, apps, or even complex machines like genetic sequencers.

In a business sense, an enormous amount of energy is expended converting a visitor to a website from a browser into a customer. But, from what I’ve seen, very little effort and consideration is spent in comparison on what happens after they’ve become a customer and they need to get up to speed.

Increase The Velocity of Learning

There’s a momentum required behind learning a new skill or topic. Split testing how information is presented to a student or customer seems like an easy way to increase the velocity of learning as well as retention of knowledge.

When learning something new, the quicker and easier the material is to process, the deeper the understanding of the subject matter the student will develop.

Happiness Brings Success Academically

In the excellent book, The Happiness Advantage, author Shawn Achor details, through extensive data sets across Harvard Students, how happiness brings success academically. He goes to further show how this has also been proven true across a range of industries.

CRO Example

A very simple example of how conversion rate optimization could improve education would be to take a lesson plan or a tutorial that is comprised only of text and add images or a short video to also visually express the concept and enhance the subject matter.

To measure success,  a variety of metrics depending on the setting could be used. Metrics such as “was this article helpful”, quizzes at the end of the lesson, measuring test scores, etc. could be employed.

For businesses, these metrics could be reduction in support calls, emails, chats, and even churn rate of customers.

Smartphone Apps

Smartphone apps in particular could benefit from educating the user with a better onboarding experience. This report show that 80% of apps were used once and never again.

No doubt the educational field will at some point adopt conversion rate optimization to improve their users education. History has shown that early adopters of proven methodologies will often benefit more than slower adopting competitors.