6 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Pay For Social Media Advertising

Unlike traditional outbound advertising, paid social media advertising offers more obvious bang for your buck, especially for small businesses. With machine learning, social media advertising allows you to find and target potential customers, as well as reach your current audience easily and quickly. 

With 32 billion social media users (42% of the global population) and 54% of social browsers using social media to research products, your business must have a presence on at least one social media platform. 

If you’re on the fence about social media advertising for your brand, here are six reasons why you should seriously consider it.

  1. Organic Reach Is Getting Harder To Obtain – With various social media networks continually changing its algorithm, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to get organic reach. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made it difficult for your audience to see your posts on overly full feeds – especially if you are not paying for it. If you pay for the promotion of your posts on social media, your brand immediately gets more reach. Promoted posts are prioritized by social networks and made more visible, which in turn increases reach and engagement. As an example, when using Facebook Ads, businesses have seen a growth of up to 21% in impressions.
  1. Fits All Budgets – Whatever your budget, paid social media scales for both small and large spends. Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offer highly targeted options for smaller budgets to help you grow. All of these networks use a pay-per-click (PPC) payment model. The more you spend, the more value you’ll get, but spending as little as $5 can give specific brand messages a boost.
  1. May Be Cheaper & More Targeted than Google Ads – If you’re debating whether to do AdWords or social media advertising, go for the latter. Social media advertising is not only typically cheaper, but each network offers a wide variety of targeting parameters that will help you get more reach. Before you start advertising, make sure to research to see which platforms your target audience uses most.
  1. Boosts Brand Awareness – One of the main reasons to advertise your business on social media is to create brand awareness. This cost-effective way of advertising boosts your brand so that it appears in peoples’ feeds regularly and builds recognition. Brand recognition enhances credibility, which in turn drives engagement and purchasing.
  1. The Best Targeting Tools – Social media has the best targeting tools around. Once you’ve identified your ideal customer, various platforms offer easy-to-use tools to reach those customers. Facebook offers one of the best and most extensive targeting, which includes location, age, gender, language, education level, workplace, interests, and relationship status.
  1. Excellent Analytics Tools – Once you’ve targeted your ideal customer and are using social media advertising, you’ll have access to fantastic analytics tools. These tools allow you to track your customers’ responses to your ads or promoted posts. You’ll have access to which ads/promoted posts get the most clicks, shares, retweets, or favorites. In turn, this will help you to see what ads fit or fail your business needs.

Whether you need to increase traffic to your website or drive sales, social media advertising is a great way to do this. For smaller businesses, it is a great way to get eyeballs on your brand without breaking the bank. A word of caution, it’s easy to overspend for underperformance on social media ads, so educating yourself on the fundamentals is vital. Ensure you understand and set goals aligned with your business needs. 

Growth-focused businesses likely will want to engage an agency at least to get started and ensure larger budgets are deployed most efficiently, with proper conversion goals to deliver the best bang for the buck. 

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