The world of internet marketing changes rapidly.  Hell, there are probably dozens of new tools, techniques, and updates that have occurred just this month in our line of work.  Keeping up with our industry is tough work when you don’t know where to go for up-to-the-minute information.

How should you keep up?

Read every day.

Seldom does a day pass where I don’t take at least a 15-20 minutes per day to simply read and intake information related to the biz.  You never know when that article you read last week will turn into a new concept you can put into practice in your line of work.  As the old adage goes, “Knowledge is power.”

Pro-tip: Use a news aggregation tool like Feedly or Smartnews to collect your feeds in one, central, user-friendly interface. My personal pick is Feedly which allows me to break my daily reading into specific categories of interest!

Here are some go-to sites on my reading list:

You’ll find that keeping yourself informed is a great mental exercise as well as an opportunity to put fresh knowledge into practice.

Do you have some go-to reading we should know about?  Add them in the comments section below!


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