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Our team of design pros love what they do. We geek out over user experiences, data driven research, imagery, fonts, colors, statistics, and user interfaces (UI). This helps ensure the target market focused designs are effective, beautiful and drive the viewer to take action. It’s more than visuals, it’s what drives conversions for your business.

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Let’s Strategize

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We conduct a discovery workshop with our core website design, development and marketing teams. This workshop is used to collaborate on the needs/goals of your website, also to help build a consensus within our teams on design direction, technology, site-architecture and UX/UI best practices. Together through this workshop, we will better understand the pain points, priorities, and/or needs for design & development success.

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Our research is centered around defining your business needs and project objectives. We start through an in-depth debrief on intel from current / previous websites – we don’t want to ignore past successes and failures. From there, we research design trends that pertain directly to your goals and slice of the industry. Our team explores content opportunities and identifies potential content gaps, and last but not least, we research your competition.

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Data Analysis

We then conduct a deep dive into Analytics, Heat Mapping and Click Mapping data points, as well as through surveys from different stakeholders. We layer all of this intel together, along with learnings from our industry-level and competitor research, to come up with a baseline we can build from. Certain data points can take 3-5 weeks to gather enough data to reach statistical relevance.

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When it comes to our audit, we have different approaches catered to specific situations. Oftentimes we will survey the company’s leadership / management as a starting point, and see if there are gaps between stakeholders on their goals and objectives for the website. From there our audit focuses around the data analysis and research from previous steps, as well as design UX/UI best practices and a development audit and tech stack best practices.

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User Journeys

Taking the learnings from our process, we design new or improved user journeys for each of the user types or audiences your website caters to. We do so by creating empathy suggestions and site architecture flows aimed at helping your different users engage with the content they’re looking for. All while providing them with the best experience we can design.

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Implementation Plan

Defined actionable design and development ideas are presented via our listening report. We present the data, along with our interpretation of it and recommendations around how to take action on each of the findings we learned. We present to stakeholders, and work with the development team to achieve a smooth implementation. We can also provide development support if required.


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