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Our Internet Journey From 1996 - AI

Since the dawn of our digital agency in the late ’90s, we’ve been at the forefront, embracing each wave of tech to bolster our clients’ success. But then, November rolled in, a month that would pivot our trajectory. The discovery of ChatGPT wasn’t just another tool—it was a revelation. We dove headfirst into the AI abyss, reminiscent of the wild early days of e-commerce and SEO, feeling that pioneering rush once more.

We needed AI to scale within our own agency, but the right tools were elusive. We’re entrepreneurs, marketers, not coders—yet we faced a gap only we could bridge. The tech giants had the AI innovation down, but the real challenge? It was the steep learning curve, the daunting start line, and the integration into our existing systems

We craved the full spectrum of Generative AI’s benefits—effortless, scalable, and secure—without the Herculean task of mastering its use. So, with entrepreneurial tenacity, we built what we needed. The result was nBrain, a creation that exceeded our wildest expectations, unveiling solutions to problems we hadn’t even recognized.

Our platform isn’t just a SaaS product; it’s a revolution. We don’t hand over logins and leave you to fend for yourself. We know that’s not your style—nor ours. It’s about the synergy of our platform and our expertise, our service, our strategy, and our hands-on implementation.

The message is clear: AI’s impact on your business is monumental. Don’t relegate it to a learning curve for your staff. It’s time to get serious about integrating AI into your business fabric, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Decided we needed to hack something together we coluld use ourselves

To our surpise it worked. Far bigger than we imagined. Started outside beta testing.

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Fully staffed and offering Advanced AI to companies that see the value in it.


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