Let’s face it, we all think that we create amazing content that everyone on the web absolutely must read. But more often than not, we end up discouraged that our amazing piece of content that took us hours to perfect before posting, received a less than impressive amount of visitors.

Well, if you’re like me then you’re going to want to guarantee eyeballs before spending all that time crafting your next masterpiece.

 So what’s the secret?

Enter two up and coming services you’ve already seen but may not have known about: Outbrain and Taboola.

Almost every one of your favorite news, tabloid and celebrity gossip sites are monetizing their content through these two platforms. The section with thumbnail images on the side and at the bottom of the main stories you’re reading are usually headlined with “You May Also Like” or “From Around the Web”.

More often then not, your eyes are usually attracted to one of the catchy headline or thumbnail images located in those sections and thus, the time sucking rabbit hole begins.

Now there are two main questions you should be asking yourself upon realizing you’ve spent the last hour clicking on “Where are These Child Stars Now” and “How To Become a Millionaire With Penny Stocks”.

  1. Can I produce content (…and a headline) that could appeal to these visitors?
  2. What is my main call to action (CTA) going to be once I get them to my article?

For the most part these visitors are going to be fairly cheap – think along the lines of .25 cents a click.

So, knowing that you can attract a decent amount of visitors with even a modest budget, asking yourself question #1 should be self explanatory.

The real question is #2, because the landing page you send these visitors to can’t be anything more than an advertorial. So that being said, you’re going to need to be quite crafty in the placement of links and how you bring attention to the main CTA you’re hoping your visitor will take.

After all, you want your visitors to take a whole lot more action than just read you content don’t you?

If you’d like to learn how we’ve guided clients toward serious ROI through these tactics, get in touch with us and we can help incorporate this into your media plan today.

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